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With government subsidies and funding from Google, The Hub (who I would recommend) notes that Canadian mainstream media will soon be 50% paid by the government. Substack is 100% independent.

I’m asking you to spend USD 2.50 (with the discount) per month. You can also do a free trial, and hopefully, by the time you’re done, I’ll have won you over.

That’s about half the price for one of those fou-fou drinks at Starbucks. I’m talking about the ones people order in front of you when you are in the store and are in a major hurry and have to piss like a racehorse. They ask for 12 pumps of caramel, Peruvian chocolate sprinkles and some insulin.

But in the age of social media, where so many are going tribal and getting their limited information from social media, what we need is more critical thinking and analysis. Some issues are too complex for 100 words.

There’s no downside. I will be posting a variety of short and long essay pieces. I have ADHD, so I will make randomizing my content themes my secret sauce.

There is an upside. Many posts are enlightening; hopefully, some will move, inspire, anger, and make you laugh. You get access to all archived material. And I’m going through some cancel culture politics that are an ongoing story.

I work full-time as an adjunct professor/lecturer. But to me, though, the truly educated person is the one who reads and thinks. My grandfather was orphaned at ten, dropped out of school and became an educated man, well-read and a strong writer. My dad, just another farm kid who was a good student, managed to get into university (a rarity in those days) and became a professor with the heart and attitude of a prairie farm boy.

In September of last year, a student in my entrepreneurship class (not a how to do it, but a what it is class) at university did a presentation on Substack and ridiculed my infant Substack, sitting at 14.

I wasn’t mad, but I told the little bugger I’d be at 1000 and more by Oct 2024.

Join me in my noble goal of proving a university student whose name I’ve forgotten wrong. This last point is only necessary if you thought my other points were absolute shite (that’s shit with a snooty British accent). Please feel free to share and comment.

Thanks, Paul

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I am trying to find a kernel of truth amid anxiety, hope, stubbornness, gratitude, and overextended metaphors. We all need to read more. But here, as I am not dependent on writing for income, I have the freedom to write (and maybe offend).


I am just an ordinary guy who thinks he has something to say and hopes to be heard. I think satire and savage sarcasm are powerful tools for social change. I am a Marketing Professor at a small university. I own one suit.